So this new music video and song called Ra-Ta Ta-Ta by Anna Abreu is not getting too much internet love on the youtube comments section.
There are actually some pretty sexist and shitty comments in there, most probably written by young guys still living at home with mom and dad and feeling very confident behind their computer screens. Let’s hope they grow out of their childish behavior some day.
Anyway, the video has gathered almost 300 000 views in just two days, so the haters are as usual just contributing to the pop success of the song. Congratz haterz!
And it is a pretty decent pop song, despite the negativity. Check it out.

That’s their words, not mine. They are a Helsinki band called Liquid Sisters and according to their bio they like drinking and they hate injustice and narrow-mindedness. A perfect set up for punk rock!
And their song Bazooka (Fuck That Shit) says it all: BAZOOKA THEM DOWN!
(Will be included on their coming debut album The Greatest Shits this May)

I recently posted a new video from Helsinki rapper Gracias, and here we go AGAIN!
Levels (Stream Fast, Die Young) is a song from his next album called Elengi, which will actually be his debut solo album.
Releases before this are the debut mixtape Listenin Comprehension (2007) under his former artist name Luminate, the solo debut EP called Gracias EP (2010) and the Gracias x JTT release called Globe (2012).
This new song sounds great, and that video is looking really good. This bodes well for Finnish hiphop.

It looks like the new music video by The Megaphone State is a bit of a sampler for their latest album Ghost. That means this video includes parts the tracks Hooligan, Kabuki, The Way We and Victory. That’s kinda new.

The young and promising rapper Noah Kin from Helsinki has released yet a another nice looking video through his label Cocoa Music. Now it’s a track called RBLS and in the video he is joined by at least two other artists who also work with Cocoa Music, namely singer Ronya and rapper Gracias. I’m not sure who the third guy is though. The one with the round shades.

I’m a bit baffled how many well produced, 1980’s inspired rock bands there are in Finland today. Take this band called Free Spirit from Seinäjoki. I haven’t heard about them before but this track called Hysteria (no, it’s not a Def Leppard cover) immediately struck a chord with me.
Even though I’m not especially fond of this kind of music, I do recognize that it sounds good, and any fan of 80’s hair-rock should be quite pleased with it.
BTW, this track can be found on an album called All The Shades of Darkened Light, but also on the soundtrack for a movie called Anselmi - The Young Werewolf.

Helsinki rapper Gracias (Deogracias Masomi) doing nice collabos again, this time with dj/producer TWWTH (you know, Teeth. Also known as MattiP, real name Matti Pentikäinen).
This track called High Mountain is from the soundtrack of a movie called Korso.

This morning needs some good ol’ hard ‘n sleazy ROCK from guys who know their 80’s musical roots (even though they weren’t even born back then)!
So here’s the latest music video from the Helsinki quartet Santa Cruz, a song called We Are The Ones To Fall.

It seems Ronya, real name Ronja Gullichsen, has traded in the previous r’n’b-pop for some indiescandipop. You know, like Lykke Li, Elliphant, The Knife and such.
It’s quite okay, but I wish they’d use those nice slide guitars a bit more. Makes me think about Finnish rautalanka-music, which is a nice touch on this track.
Have a listen. The song is called Flame.

Shoegaze pop by The New Tigers from Turku up next. A new music video for a song called Secondary City, from their sophomore album The Badger.
Has a kind of beach feel to it, with a hint of cold wind. Maybe it’s springtime or something.