have u posted about mirel wagner yet? she's amazing

Why yes I have, at least three times I think. Her new album got 5 out of 5 in Mojo Magazine recently. Really looking forward to listening to it.

The Helsinki-based indie rock band Stockers! has had a new single out for some time now, but I was waiting for the music video and here it is. The track is called She’s Got My Love.

I can’t believe I haven’t posted this track called Benjamin here before! I should’ve because it’s one amazing piece of 80’s inspired synth pop with vocals and lyrics to match!

What we have here is a Helsinki-based Finnish-Swedish duo and they’re called Coska, and so far this is their only track to be released. Even so, these guys landed a record deal with the Turku-based label Solina Records, so I expect we’ll see an album sooner or later.

Coska’s members are Manna Borg (from Finland) and Robert Engstrand (from Sweden). I don’t know much about Manna, besides the fact that she has an amazing voice, but Robert is familiar to all fans of the battle metal band Turisas. He joined that band in 2011 to play the keyboards, but left it in the beginning of 2014.

I like Turisas, but I’m glad Robert decided to do this thing with Manna. It shows great promise!

Do listen, do!

Noah Kin recently released one more music video with a mellow track off the third album Now You See. I think this is the fourth video from that particular album.

This tune is called My Road and the video seems to have been recorded when he was in The Netherlands to perform at the Eurosonic Noorderslag showcase festival in Groningen.

Ok peeps, this right here is a great rock track. Street Survivor by The Flaming Sideburns from their debut album Hallelujah Rock’n’Rollah released in 2001.

The band was formed in Helsinki in 1995, but the singer is actually as Argentinian expatriate called Jorge Eduardo “Speedo” Martinez.

Haven’t heard of them in a while though. Their latest album Keys To The Highway was released in 2007 and they did release a EP called En Español, vol 3 in 2010, but otherwise not much.

I’d really like to see more of this kind of rock energy out there.

Finnish synth pop band Sin Cos Tan, which is a collaboration between singer Juho Paalosmaa and electronic music wizard Jori Hulkkonen, are about to release their third album soon.

The album is called Blown Away and it’s actually a story about an American man called Michael Burana, who has a dead-end job and a failed marriage. This leads to the trip down to Mexico, where he finds a new career as a drug courier between the United States and South America - as you do.

The song here is called Love Sees No Colour, which is the first single off the new album.

Oh, and the American tv-series Halt And Catch Fire recently used the Sin Cos Tan track Sooner Than Now in an episode. That’s nice.

Let’s go a bit on the psychadelic side of rock music, since I want to introduce you to a band from Kuopio. They’re called Jess and the Ancient Ones and so far they’ve just released one album, a split-album with Spanish band Deadmask and one EP.

The EP, called Astral Sabbat (2013), is their latest release and that’s what the tune in the music video is called too. The EP is produced by the Swedish guitarist and music producer Tore Stjerna of Necromorbus Studio.

Finnish pop wonderboy Isac Elliot has released a new song, a sure hit called Baby I. The song has been written with the help of Swedish songwriters from Team RedOne.

You might know the Swedish-Moroccan songwriter, producer and music executive RedOne, real name Nadir Khayat, as a guy who’s written songs for a wide range of popstars, like Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, Enrique Iglesias and so on.

Although RedOne probably didn’t do any work on this particular song himself, but he has a lot of handpicked talent on his team nowadays so it doesn’t matter really. As you probably can hear, the song has that big world pop flavor. It’s very smart to work with people who know their shit.

The Finnish-French duo Eva & Manu have released a new single called Cinnamon Hearts this summer from their coming sophomore album.

I don’t know about you, but I find that this song is a bit more pop than their previous releases and I guess it could be described as more “radio-friendly”. Not that the previous songs were bad, quite the opposite actually, but this song just feels more radio.

Singer-songwriter Aino Venna has so far released tracks in English and French, but here comes one in Finnish.

What we have here is a Finnish version of George Gershwin’s aria Summertime, from the American opera Porgy and Bess, first performed in 1935. It’s been recorded many times over, but one of the most famous ones is the one by Billie Holiday, which reached no. 12 on the American charts in 1936.

The version by Aino isn’t simply a translation, but a adaptation. First of all it’s called Kesäyö, which means “summer night”, and there are no “good-looking mama’s” or “babies to be hushed” in this version, but there are “fragrances in abundance” and “dew which gives pearls to the rose petals”. In other words, it’s made with the nightless summer night of Finland in mind. A warm one, which we haven’t seen too many of this summer - yet.

The video is made up by private material from several contributors that all get thanked at the end of the music video.